Dr. Pawan Srivastava Shares Expertise with South America



Dr. Pawan Srivastava, a highly experienced scientist and successful creator of innovative hydration products used throughout the global floral industry, was the guest speaker for over 250 post-harvest farmers in Bogota, Colombia and Rionegro, Colombia.

Flor Integral, an agricultural ornamental and food supplier of a broad line of nutrients, disease prevention and post harvest care products, invited  Dr. Srivastava  to speak on and educate fresh flower growers on the proper process for the post harvest care of fresh cut flowers and the differences of these processes depending on the type of products harvested.

Click on the slides above to view the presentation.

Recently, Srivastava was named to lead scientific initiatives for a new, soilless plant-growing medium manufactured by an Indiana company.

Dr. Pawan Srivastava currently oversees all research and development and participate in new product initiatives and quality control for steadyGROWpro, an inert, sterile product that optimizes soilless plant growth. Used by home and greenhouse gardeners, professional growers and hydroponic growers to grow vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants indoors, steadyGROWpro outperformed rockwool in a recent Purdue University study.

SteadyGROWpro is manufactured and distributed by Kokomo, Ind.-based Syndicate Sales Inc., a 60-year staple in the international floral industry that manufactures, imports and distributes more than 1,500 floral-related items in the U.S. and overseas.

Srivastava joined Syndicate Sales in 1994 as a research scientist. During his time at the company, Srivastava formulated and developed the company’s line of products that includes Aquaplus© the Difference is Clear, Aquahold©Pro, Hydraplus©, Hydraquik© and Aquafinish Clear©.

Originally from India, Srivastava was awarded an Indian Council of Agricultural Research scholarship for studying its master’s program and a United Nations Development Program for obtaining a Ph.D. in post-harvest horticulture in India. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a master’s degree in Horticulture specializing in plant propagation from University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore, India. He earned a Ph.D. in Horticulture specializing in post-harvest horticulture from Ohio State University in 1995. 

He has been a member of the American Society of Horticultural Sciences since 1989 and the American Society of Plant Biologists since 1995.

Srivastava is eager to share his knowledge and experience regarding agriculture, horticulture and indoor plant growth and specific information regarding the steadyGROWpro product. Questions from indoor growers are welcome on “Ask Dr. P” on Facebook. Srivastava will answer questions received via the social networking site within 24-48 hours. “Ask Dr. P” can be found either by searching Facebook or by becoming a fan of steadyGROWpro.

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