Lagerwerf joins steadyGROWpro as Field Manager

Randy Lagerwerf has joined Indiana-based steadyGROWpro as field manager.

In addition, Lagerwerf is the owner of RL Distributing Ltd., a company that markets horticulture products throughout Canada.

Lagerwerf works with professional greenhouse growers, hydroponic stores and suppliers to educate, market and sell steadyGROWpro in the Canadian market.

A professional grower and greenhouse owner for more than 30 years, Lagerwerf has 20 years  horticultural sales experience in the industry including 12 years knowledge in the sales and marketing of Berger Peat moss and related products. He completed Dale Carnegie sales training and is a Licensed Agricultural Chemical Control Technician since 1982.

Previously, Lagerwerf was the owner of Heritage Flower Farms and Landscaping for 25 years.

He graduated from Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology – School of Business with degrees in business and retail management.

Lagerwerf and his wife, Margo, have three children.  He is an avid gardener and is a member of Christian Farmers Federation, Covenant Christian Reformed Church and Smugglers Cove Boat Club.

steadyGROWpro is an inert, sterile product that optimizes soilless plant growth. Used by home and greenhouse gardeners, professional gardeners and hydroponic growers, steadyGROWpro is eco-friendly and can be reduced from its original form to a mass of less than 11 percent or incinerated for bio-mass purposes. steadyGROWpro is manufactured by Syndicate Sales Inc., a 60-year staple in the international floral industry that manufactures, imports and distributes more than 1,500 floral-related items in the U.S. and overseas.

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