SteadyGROWpro: An Organic Growing Method

The ever-so popular method of growing vegetables and herbs organically can be a very rewarding experience. Growing organically requires the provision of only plant and animal residues as the nutrients for the entire life of the plant. Inorganic nutrients are manufactured mineral fertilizers and any addition of these fertilizers to a plant will void it as being grown organically.

To grow organically, begin by selecting a media that is already absent of inorganic fertilizers. Although soil seems like a logical media, it potentially has its faults. Soil may be a very difficult media to use because it can require a great deal of preparation to create a truly organic and efficient growing environment. In addition, plots of land that have been previously grown using inorganic nutrients will require even more effort to eradicate the inorganic material.

SteadyGROWpro was formulated to be an inert, sterile product, thereby making it a great media for growing organically. Chemicals are not needed to adjust pH, and organic nutrients can be appropriately added during the germination process, or propagation / cloning process. When propagating with steadyGROWpro plugs, be sure the cuttings are of organically grown plants or vegetables.

For more information about growing in steadyGROWpro media visit our web site. If you have a specific question regarding organic growing or growing techniques, ask Dr. P on our Facebook page.

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