SteadyGROWpro lead scientist offers tips for tricky task of successfully transplanting seedlings

Summer is newly upon us and like many gardeners, you are probably growing your seeds in a soilless media and are ready to transplant them to blocks or to soil. For maximum results and to avoid plant loss, it is critical to exercise great care during this transitional stage.

Dr. Pawan Srivastava, a highly experienced scientist, creator of innovative hydration products used throughout the global floral industry and now lead scientist for SteadyGROWpro, a new, soilless plant-growing medium manufactured in Indiana, offers tips for successful transplantation.

First, make sure that your soilless media sheets or plugs are showing exposed roots along the bottom surface. Also, if you have not already begun fertilizing, start adding basic fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (“N, P and K”) to your water to ensure proper growth.

Your seedlings or propagated plants are now ready to be transplanted. Make sure you have thoroughly soaked the media to which you are going to be transplanting your seedling. Once you have prepared the hole for transplanting, water and fertilize the hole again. Transplant the entire cell from the sheet media or the plug into the block or soil. Start watering the plants with fertilizer immediately.

For proper establishment of the transplanted plant and soilless media, you may have to water multiple times per day to avoid wilting or plant loss. Keep the media or soil moist at the surface at all times. If you are transplanting during periods of high temperature or intense sunlight, you may want to consider shading your area until the plant shows signs of new growth.

Certain soilless media are considered low-retention. You will have to water more frequently with these types of media than high-retention ones. If you have automatic irrigation, program it to distribute 150 ml to 200 ml every two to three hours. Continue this regiment until the plant looks healthy and shows signs of new growth.

Dr. Srivastava is eager to share his knowledge and experience regarding agriculture, horticulture and indoor plant growth and specific information regarding the SteadyGROWpro product. Questions from indoor growers are welcome on “Ask Dr. P” on Facebook. He will answer questions received via the social networking site within 24 to 48 hours. You can find “Ask Dr. P” by searching Facebook or by becoming a fan of SteadyGROWpro.

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