steadyGROWpro: New name, same results

We underwent a name change.  SteadyGro is now steadyGROWpro.

SteadyGROWpro is an inert and sterile growing media used by home gardeners, greenhouse growers and hydroponic growers that optimizes soilless plant growth. Available in plugs, sheets, blocks and slabs, steadyGROWpro helps growers maximize results when growing indoor food crops, including cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, popular flowering plants and more.

SteadyGROWpro is manufactured by Syndicate Sales Inc., a 60-year staple in the international floral industry that manufactures, imports and distributes more than 1,500 floral-related items in the U.S. and overseas.

For more, visit our web site or contact us.

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