Commerce Adds steadyGROWpro to Line of Lawn and Garden Products

SteadyGROWpro soilless media products will soon be more readily available to independent garden centers as Commerce Corporation begins distribution of the product line.

Commerce Corporation, just like most of the independent garden centers it serves, is a family business spanning over 80 years and three generations. Commerce CEO Richard Lessans sees this move as an important bond his company shares with its family of customers.

“My grandfather Israel Lessans and his brothers, Abraham, Dave and Sam, actually started the company in 1923 as an electrical wholesale supply business called Atlantic Electric,” says Richard. “My father came into the business after World War II, along with his brothers. He redirected the company’s emphasis from electrical to general merchandise – housewares, hardware, lawn and garden supplies.”

Commerce Corporation became a true national distributor by opening a new distribution center in Ontario, Calif., to serve customers up and down the West Coast.

With 455 team members, 145 dedicated sales consultants and three state-of-the-art distribution centers, Commerce is dedicated to the independent garden center.

Tammy Sorg, Commerce Director of Marketing West, initially discovered steadyGROWpro’s seed growing kit. She performed an initial review analysis and brought the product to Ashley Willnecker, Marketing Manager for Commerce. Both agree the steadyGROWpro product line is a perfect fit for Commerce, since the products are a unique addition to their line of home and garden goods. Finding innovative and unique product lines for the lawn and garden trade has been a Commerce trademark.  The new partnership with steadyGROWpro promises to advance this cause.


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