Gutter Garden Project, 2

As the inches of snow pile up outside the window, the inches of height that our Gutter Garden plants are growing is keeping up the pace. The steadyGROWpro team started a very ambitious project a few weeks ago, the construction of our own Gutter Garden using the soilless media growing technique of SteadyGROWpro propagating media. In the short amount of time that our garden seeds have been propagating, we have had wonderful success, almost…..

In the case of all gardeners, either professional or hobbyist, one of the very first elements to a successful garden is viable seeds. Well, the jalapeño seeds that we prepared from fruit were not worthy of propagation. After learning this, new seeds have been ordered from a very reputable company and we are awaiting their arrival. Things like this happen to the best of us. So while we allow the postal service to do their work, let’s look at the work the steadyGROWpro team has accomplished.

The seeds that were germinated for our Gutter Garden project include:

  • Honey Bunch Tomato
  • Patio Princess Tomato
  • Sweet Banana Peppers
  • Cayenne Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Habanero Peppers

The viable seeds that were sown accomplished a 100 % germination rate.


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