Gutter Garden Project, 3

When our Dr. P Team decided to invest time and energy into the Gutter Garden project we all had one basic idea, let’s use real guttering. This was as simple as hopping into the truck and driving down to the local home improvement store to pick up a ten foot section of 5” aluminum guttering. Of course end caps and hangers were part of the purchase as well. Now we had to determine where the Gutter Garden would be placed.

We made sections of guttering three feet long so that our steadyGROWpro slab media would fit perfectly. This also made the sections easy to transport and work with. The Dr. P Team also wanted our Gutter Garden to be vertical. So instead of building a frame to hang our gutter pieces, an old wobbly wooden ladder received a fresh coat of green paint and was put to use. With proper placement, our three sections of guttering will be close to two feet apart. This will allow for our tomato and pepper plants to grow without obstruction and by having the extra rungs on the ladder, our plants can get much needed support when they are mature.

Our plants are reaching the point of needing to be transplanted. With the seeds germinated in the steadyGROWpro seed starter kits, we know when we can transplant just by turning the media over and looking at the roots.


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