Gutter Garden Project, 4

The use of the steadyGROWpro slab media proved perfect for the molded guttering. By making each of our sections three feet in length, the steadyGROWpro H+ slab media leaves no voids and provides excellent water retention and air porosity for the roots of our tomatoes and peppers when they are transplanted. Now remember, our gutter garden is going outside when the weather is favorable for our plants. So to prevent over-watering from a spring downpour, the end caps of our gutters are not sealed, just riveted to the main guttering piece. This allows for water drainage and will prevent root rot. Does this remind you of container gardening?

The process of hanging each of the gutter sections on the ladder was very simple. Using the hangers provided for normal guttering installation, each section was screwed into a rung of the wooden ladder being sure to provide adequate distance between the sections.  Even though the Dr. P Team germinated seed varieties that will perform in a container situation, there is still 2’ of distance between the sections of guttering. The most difficult part of the Gutter Garden Project so far has been the frustration with the weather. The germinated seeds in our steadyGROWpro seed starter kits are ready for transplanting and it is still very cold outside. Looks like our lab will have a new piece of equipment for the next couple of months.

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