Gutter Garden Project, 5

With the construction of our Gutter Garden complete and our variety of pepper plants and tomatoes showing tremendous root development in the steadyGROWpro seed germination media our next move is plain and simple; Transplant!

The process of transplanting our developed seedlings into the steadyGROWpro H+ slab media is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.

  1. Saturate the steadyGROWpro H+ slab media that is in the gutter. We use hard tap water to completely saturate our media and then let it drain naturally. ThesteadyGROWpro H+ media will retain the proper amount of water for plant development.
  2. Separate the individual cells containing the plants to be used. Great care is taken not to damage our seedlings’ roots. The steadyGROWpro seed germination media is pre-cut to make this step very easy.
  3. Using a butter knife, cut a hole in the gutters slab media to accept the square cube of the seed germination media. Be sure that all sides of the two media are touching to insure nutrient and water transfer. If there is a void or gap, fill these areas in with the extra media that was removed when the hole was first made.

That’s how simple transplanting with steadyGROWpro can be. All the Dr. P Team needs to do now is provide normal care for our newest additions to the growing room. With a proper nutrient mixture, warmth and lighting, our Gutter Garden will have everything it needs for perfect plant growth.


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