Gutter Garden Project

Winter is upon us and a fresh three inches of snow blankets the ground, so let’s plant some seeds!  Just before leaving for a few days off work to celebrate Christmas with our families, a new project appeared before the Dr. P Team in the form of a Gutter Garden.  Now all of us have had plenty of different plants growing out of our gutters at home but never on purpose. For the next few months, the Dr. P Team will periodically share the progress of our Gutter Garden, from the germination of our seeds to the construction of our vertical garden using our steadyGROWpro soilless media.  Moving on with great enthusiasm and high expectations, our Gutter Garden Project is off and sprouting.

As you can see from the first picture, after seven days in the steadyGROWpro student kits from our educational line of products, we have sprouts from tomatoes and pepper seeds. The seeds used in the Gutter Garden Project were prepared from the fruit of our vegetable garden. You may have read our article titled “Preparing your Fall Seeds for Spring Growing” which appeared on our website and Face Book page in October of 2011. This is known as practice what you preach. Now that we have this amazing start, a design for our Gutter Garden is on its way.  Stay tuned!

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