Organic Growing – The Great Debate

Without question, organic growing and organic products have the attention of consumers across the world.  At the same time, due to growing efficiencies, the lack of arable land, and the “buy local” or “grow at home” movements, the practice of hydroponic growing is rapidly increasing.   The two topics have been destined for a head-on collision.  Can you grow organically using hydroponic practices?

Almost all authorities say no.  According to the various agencies who certify organic growing, true organic growing can only be accomplished in soil.   Unfortunately, for hydroponic or soilless media growers, this suggests sustainable practices, while growing hydroponically, are not possible.  This is simply not true.  By comparison, soilless growing or hydroponics can be more efficient and more earth friendly than organic growing in soil.   For consumers, the practice of soilless growing and hydroponics translates to healthy produce at a lower cost.

Practical Hydroponics Magazine addressed this topic with great detail and insight.  Please take the time to read Steven Carruthers editorial “Branding Hydroponics”, and the article by Dr. Mike Nichols entitled “Why Not Organic Hydroponics?”.

We are very interested in what you think about this great debate.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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