Meet Our Growers!

I did some work with your product, and I must say it is very good. There are
areas where steadyGROWpro surpasses others in the same market. I run
experiments in adverse growing conditions, and steadyGROWpro was much better in
cold water deep water culture. The water retention balance in your product
was superior to rockwool in my opinion.

Another area that is superior is the ability to size the media to a certain
configuration for seed propagation. It is very easy to cut or size as
compared to other media. For example, I personally like to start seeds in 288
cells, so this size cell could be retrofitted with steadyGROWpro eliminating a
coco, rockwool or orchid-based starter.

I have used other soilless media products, and your product does not initiate algae
growth on top like white starters do. Keep up the good work.

-Norm Millett

Winnemucca, Nevada

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